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株式会社 リムデザインオフィス

​(一級建築士事務所 東京都知事登録 第61446号)

代表取締役   安谷屋一人   Kazuhito Adaniya
(一級建築士  大臣登録 第367958号/ 管理建築士)

1978   神奈川県伊勢原市生まれ 
2002   中央大学理工学部物理学科卒業
2006   早稲田大学芸術学校建築科卒業
2006   ㈱住環建築計画 
2008   ㈱アル.パートナーズ建築設計  

2014.05   ㈱リムデザインオフィス 設立

Architectural firm :   Rim Design Office Co.,LTD.

CEO :   Kazuhito Adaniya

First-Class Architect in Japan

1978    Born in Kanagawa Japan
2002    Bachelor of physics Chuo University Japan
2006    Waseda University AA School
2006    Worked for JYUKAN architects Co.,LTD. Japan.
2008    Worked for Ar.Partners Architectural Design Co.,LTD.Japan.
2014    Established architectural firm "Rim Design Office Co.,LTD." in Japan




Planning, research, design and supervision of projects

for architecture, interiors and landscapes



General domestic architectural work

(New construction or renovation) in Japan as a local partner

for architectural project team or client overseas

  • Legal study, proposal of site, collection of information on existing buildings and building properties for renovation.

  • Basic design and design proposals (if design work is involved)

  • Implementation design (in collaboration with overseas design team)

  • Constructor selection and contract support

  • on-site supervision

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